I believe it's been two years since this site has been updated. There's many reasons for this - the main being there's only one lady running this show - but I won't bore you all.
I hope to finish what I started here, or at least revamp, so as to provide English-speaking fans with a comprehensive site for all things Nena.

Here's to a good outlook!
- Nana
Yes, I know it's been dead around here. Sorry!
What I want to update about, however, is that NenaMania has no contact with Nena. So, we cannot get you autographs and Nena doesn't read anything sent to us. We're a fansite, guys!
My name is Nana, if you didn't already know!
The new forums are up! Oh, and they make me squeal! It's so much better than the nabble forums. So, if it confused you like it confused me, have a look at the new forum and and just might be surprised! Post away!
Much better than that google thing, huh?

Click here to see!

Muuuuch more sweat and tired fingers.
I love high quality images. Hence, I love GIANT images. However, everything always re-sizes the GIANT pictures I've found. I'll bet there's some of you out there who would like to have these, too. So, I'm looking for something like megaupload or rapidshare to upload ultra-super-image packs of the lovely Nena for you all to download. They'll probably be .zip, so you'll need something like winrar to unzip them.
This'll also benefit people who just want the pictures without having to click and save, click and save, click and save... Plus! They'll be organized, too!
Buuuuut, that'll definitely be a LOT of work. So, if you want me to do it or if you have a neat uploading site, please comment this post! :D

[I think I'd have one BIG pack of all the images I have, then smaller ones for individual concerts, shoots, and whatnot. :D]
Also! I'm sure there's always some pictures that I don't have, so I'd appreciate it if you sent it to me for all Nena fans to see.
I've been tinkering with the photo gallery and I'll soon have one hosted here on weebly - one much more easier to sort through. Well, for you guys anyway. :D I've noticed the popularity of the the photos page, so I figured it's something I should definitely work on.

Thanks to all the lovely Nena-fans! :D
Sorry about the lack of updates. Currently I'm updating meta tags, which will make Nena Mania show up on search engines better. It won't effect the way the pages look, though, so you guys won't be able to tell when you're browsing the site.

[P.S. - I must add them to every page, which there's nearly 500 pages. (There's quite a few lyrics...) It may take a while.]
Sven, who is quite lovely, sent a few pictures from the concert on the 3rd of May in London. There was a no picture policy, but he still did his best! Everyone say thank you! :D

Link here!
(Tell me if the link is bad, please.)
I just got a heads up from a user. Nena's having a concert on the 3rd of May in London. In the United Kingdom, of course. For UK fans, this must be quite an announcement since she hasn't visited since 1984! Perhaps because of low ticket sales (No confirmation), the concert has been moved to a smaller venue, but it will still take place in London. Tickets are still available, so get out there and buy them! Come on! Last visit was 1984 and the tickets didn't sell out in 5 minutes? :D
Join me, guys: Full house! Full house! Full house!

[Thank Sven for the notice!]

Edit: Obviously, this has passed now.
"Hello you lovelies,

I've been on the way with my camera for four week and have made a little film for you all. If you like, you can look into our tour-diary every day and see where, and with who, we're hanging around.

Lovely greetings,

P.S. The tour-diary can be found in the Nena.de 'Backstage-Bereich' under mittendrin!"
Since I know I would've appreciated that a couple years ago, I thought I'd translate!

Here's another snippet from the same page.

"At every concert, we're putting a video-box, where you can record a video message for Nena. The box is just near the merch-stand. Just go inside, hit the green button, and go on. Use the one change to reach Nena. Every film will be seen by her. Have fun and dare to do it!"

What would you record?

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    This is a lot of translating for one person to do! Any help is appreciated!

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