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Source: http://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/stz/page/2398040_0_9223_-nena-im-interview-ich-denke-mein-leben-lang-ans-aufhoeren-.html

Frau Kerner, a friend of ours dreams of being able to go to a Nena-concert with her daughter someday. The little one will be old enough in 2016. Would you still be on Tour then?

Nena: "No clue. I can't think so far ahead. I am happy, that I still may perform and people come at all. I don't take it for granted."

Do you think of quitting?

Nena: "I've thought of quitting my entire life. Even at my first concert in 1978, I thought shortly before the appearance that I didn't want to do it anymore."

Does that sometimes happen today?

Nena: "Yes, certainly. That's just life. One cannot enjoy everything one does. That is never so elementary, that I would drag myself completely into doubt."

Your concerts have become family parties. How is that for a popstar?

Nena: "I think it's super. Children stand in the first row, then comes the mothers. This time, I've made a special area for the children. It is simply magnificent when they jump around and sing along.

Which songs do the children know? Rather the older or the newer?

Nena: "It depends. The Luftballons are known by all, naturally."

In four weeks, you'll be fifty. Is it a compliment to call you the German Madonna?

Nena: "I find it human to point out comparisons. We are all similar and are all from the same origin. And still everyone brings their own feature with them. If one leaves the 'man-alive' in peace and enable themselves to develop freely, then they'll have a desire to meet other people on the same level. Then, one doesn't compete with the others, rather they strengthen and inspire each other mutually.

Is Madonna an example?

Nena: "With the word 'example' I can start a little. I have never placed someone before me and said: "I want to be like you" I don't want to be like my parents, nor like Mick Jagger."

Where does Nena orientate then?

Nena: "I let myself be inspired. I suck all impressions in. Even here in the interview situation. I see, sometimes you shrug together and think: "She's actually as stupid as they say." And then in the middle of the conversation you rehash and think: "Ah, she is actually pretty nice."

We've already thought that she would surprise us from time to time.

Nena: "For me, that's not ambivalent, just as life is. You come in a situation and it is completely clear: everyone reacts completely different. I find it interesting, when they feel ambivalent. For me, that is inspiration - I learn a lot about people."

Today, are you still a full time popstar, or rather a mother and grandmother, that makes music alongside?

Nena: "That doesn't put other things out. But I really love to be a mother and always gather experiences with it. The children bring new aspects in life, which one must explain. That is work, so to say people-work."

Is Mama a popstar for your children?

Nena: "Yes, they see the layer naturally and find it funny even."

Do they only find it funny, or do they also have problems with it?

Nena: "Earlier, they didn't always have it easy. Even in school, many teachers reacted strangely. But, lately, they've only strengthened."

How does Nena really bring up her children? Are there actually rules applied in the Kerner house?

Nena: "Ah, I've tried several by all means. But I have experienced that one shouldn't make the children come with the pointer-finger. It helps if one takes them seriously and talks about worries with them. They have complete antennae for it and are intelligent enough to get why I don't find it good when they sit in front of the tv for hours. I believe it does nothing to make the shoulders broad because ofL "So long as you put your feet under my table..." So, we've never lived with these vibes."

By the way, Vibes: How were your vibrations really in the eighties? Was it simply a casual time, or are you happy it's over?

Nena: "I can't wrap a couple years of my life up with one headline. It was really a totally intensive time, that's made up of many small puzzle pieces. I don't like this retrospect."

But you can certainly remember how it felt to suddenly be a star?

Nena: "When I started to make music at seventeen I didn't know that there would be gold record. There I was in my little city, Hagen, on the way and was simply glad to have met the guitarist that wanted to make the band with me. There, I had no thoughts of red carpets, exclusive parties, or limousines to lavish. There it started in order to make music. Because everything was so supplied later, I actually consider it with a wink. I can't take it so seriously today, though.

You are a well-known Osho-fan, practicing dynamic meditation and pontificate happily about life. Many find it a bit silly.

Nena: "I'm really a Osho-fan, which I've lived happily. I also find Jesus good and it is important to remain open. I don't feel I'm a lecturer. I simply speak about my experiences and if anyone finds that's too much, then they should close their ears."

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