I love high quality images. Hence, I love GIANT images. However, everything always re-sizes the GIANT pictures I've found. I'll bet there's some of you out there who would like to have these, too. So, I'm looking for something like megaupload or rapidshare to upload ultra-super-image packs of the lovely Nena for you all to download. They'll probably be .zip, so you'll need something like winrar to unzip them.
This'll also benefit people who just want the pictures without having to click and save, click and save, click and save... Plus! They'll be organized, too!
Buuuuut, that'll definitely be a LOT of work. So, if you want me to do it or if you have a neat uploading site, please comment this post! :D

[I think I'd have one BIG pack of all the images I have, then smaller ones for individual concerts, shoots, and whatnot. :D]
Also! I'm sure there's always some pictures that I don't have, so I'd appreciate it if you sent it to me for all Nena fans to see.

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    This is a lot of translating for one person to do! Any help is appreciated!

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