Yes, it's true! Nena's tour for her latest album "Made in Germany" has started. I've translated a post on, just to help out those who can't read it. Enjoy!

"Yesterday evening, Nena rocked the VW-Halle in Braunschweig with over 5000 fans. For over two hours Nena and the band played songs from the current album "Made in Germany," many classics, and some surprises. Along with the ordinary crew, Larissa, Sakias, Virginia, and Leni were on the scene and heated the audience up as well. We want to tell more, but don't want to ruin it - let yourself be surprised!

That was a cool start and we look forward to the other shows!"

In other news, Nena has crawled into the Austrian charts with her single "In meinem Leben", landing at position 18. This is the first time since 2007's "Mach die Augen auf".
(Not a direct translation.)
The discography section looks much better now. It's not absolutely complete, but there's quite a bit of information up. The lyrics were also revamped, but I'm still adding links in the childrens and singles sections. I still have yet to add The Stripes' album, too. It should be up sometime tonight.

Viel Spass!
The video for "In meinem Leben" is out! I can't find an embed code right now, so just head on over to the official Nena page: here. It's right there, so there's no need to click around German titles and such. Enjoy!
Edit: Found an embed!
Well... The video for the newest single, "In meinem Leben" will premiere on German television (Viva) tomorrow (April 2, 2010) around ten at night.... in their time. I'm sure the video will be picked up by the internet quickly, thus us fans who aren't in Germany will be able to experience it a few hours later. I'll post it here, in the updates blog, as soon as I find it.

She's also appearing as a guest on a "Viva Special", hopefully that'll be up somewhere, too. If so, expect a link! :D
I think I'm going to add a few more translations today, and that's it. I had a procedure done by a doctor today, so I'm not feeling too well. Thus, I don't feel up to fighting with weebly.


As the title says, I've added an alphabetical lyric list in the lyrics section and moved the albums to their own section, along with a new singles section and children section. Obviously, there's still many lyrics still to be added, but there's quite a few there now - the most prominent lyrics are up, anyway.

All the pictures are up in the discography section, but no links have been made just yet. Each picture will soon be links to pages containing more cover art, tracklistings, lengths, and more technical information on the album or single (including chart positions and contributes). Because of this, I've decided to remove the lengths from the categorized lyrics (single, album, children).

I've got even more pictures to upload. That portion is probably going to be a little messy for right now. Sorry!
If you're not already aware, the latest single off "Made in Germany" is In meinem Leben, which you can order from here. (It's in German, unfortunately.) There's nothing too exciting on it, just the radio cut. Enjoy, nonetheless.
Cover art for 'In meinem Leben'
  1. In meinem Leben [Radio Version] - 4:07
  2. In meinem Leben [Album Version] - 5:39

I've been very busy working on this site. All lyrics are up for the regular albums along with a few translations here and there. I've also added song lists and cover art for all the children-album and a few singles. I'm going to go over all the songs and add lengths, as you can see in the singles' section. (I figured if I included the lengths there it would make it easier to figure out which remixes are which, but I like the way it looks, so I'll add the lengths to all the songs... but later.)

Right now, I'm focusing on the discography section. I want to have individual pages for each album that tell a bit about the making of it, along with technical stats as well. As of now, I'm merely adding the pictures that will later serve as links. In any case, it'll look ten times better.

Oh, I've also uploaded a few albums to the google image host, which you can find a link to in 'Photos'. I've uncovered several super-high-quality pictures that need more uploading. Take a look if you hate low-quality, fuzzy pictures that are floating everywhere else. Ah, and don't forget - you can always contribute!

I also added links to several official and non-official sites and a bit more on the biography. And the header picture has been updated. Looks grand, doesn't it? :D

Anyway, thank you and VOTE FOR NENA!!! [Link is on the right hand side of this page, if you can't see it already!]
Go right here ( and vote Nena for the best female artist (Beste Künstlerin)! All you have to do is scroll down, click on the little bubble next to Nena, then click the little 'Los' button at the bottom. I believe you can vote more than once, so get to it!

PS: The Comet Awards are a German based, music award show, not unlike the many other ones.
I've added several lyrical translations, including the first CD of "Willst du mit mir gehn", all of "Nena", and a couple on "Made in Germany". Also, there's many more albums and tracklistings, but I haven't been able to add lyrics to many of them just yet.

I might add a section for translated interviews, too.

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    This is a lot of translating for one person to do! Any help is appreciated!

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