I've been very busy working on this site. All lyrics are up for the regular albums along with a few translations here and there. I've also added song lists and cover art for all the children-album and a few singles. I'm going to go over all the songs and add lengths, as you can see in the singles' section. (I figured if I included the lengths there it would make it easier to figure out which remixes are which, but I like the way it looks, so I'll add the lengths to all the songs... but later.)

Right now, I'm focusing on the discography section. I want to have individual pages for each album that tell a bit about the making of it, along with technical stats as well. As of now, I'm merely adding the pictures that will later serve as links. In any case, it'll look ten times better.

Oh, I've also uploaded a few albums to the google image host, which you can find a link to in 'Photos'. I've uncovered several super-high-quality pictures that need more uploading. Take a look if you hate low-quality, fuzzy pictures that are floating everywhere else. Ah, and don't forget - you can always contribute!

I also added links to several official and non-official sites and a bit more on the biography. And the header picture has been updated. Looks grand, doesn't it? :D

Anyway, thank you and VOTE FOR NENA!!! [Link is on the right hand side of this page, if you can't see it already!]

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    This is a lot of translating for one person to do! Any help is appreciated!

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