I decided I'm going to translate written interviews as I find them. To better understand the German I read, I generally type it up anyway. It may be a little rough, but I think I've gotten the gist of it. Those who struggle with German more than I may find them lovely. Here's the first!

Source: http://www.zeit.de/newsticker/2010/3/24/iptc-bdt-20100323-158-24309864xml

For more than 25 years, pop-singer Nena has been successsfully on the scene. With "Nur geträumt" began everything, and in 1983 the Megahit "99 Luftballons" followed, which would become her trademark.

The well-Hamburg resident, mother of four, and Grandmother of two, celebrates her 50th birthday this Wednesday. In the interview with the German press-agent, Nena speaks about dreams and deeps, hubbub and touring.

She just made preparations for the new tour, plotting a tv-show along the way - and that's all with her birthday thrown in the middle. From where does she get her energy?

Nena: "For me, everything always feels new. I have made no routines. For example, the touring: It is not my first, even though it feels that way for me. No concert is like another, every encounter with people is always new. And so I take everything in - I can't abandon anything in my life. It gives me unbelievable power, that life is so full of surprises. Life is really a agile process, one that I take in day for day exceptionally happily."

Are there still days in which Nena does nothing?

Nena: "Without a doubt! I overwork myself, and therefore always have a need for peace and quiet times. It's not always so hectic, but there's always situations in my life that make me simple exhausted. Then, I must ensure peace and quiet, in order to scoop out new power."

What awaits the public on the new tour? After your birthday, aplenty party with the fans?

Nena: "This feeling, that I go on tour with, is already extraordinary: to turn 50 is absolutely something special. To have been here for half of a hundred - I can't really comprehend it, but I take it very emotionally. And I would absolutely love to expand this wonderful feeling. I have no fear of age. We begin getting older from the very moment of our creation. And we have a life for a long time to add to this process. But we don't do it, we adamantly refuse to take that life is a limited time, that sometimes skips something else."

And how will you privately celebrate your birthday?

Nena: "I have wished to celebrate simply. Around 250 guests will come - I wrote the guestlist. Everything else will be done by my man and my children. I let myself be suprised and gladly accept it. What I've also wished for: to make music. My band belongs to my family, other colleges will also be there. I, too, will, in any case, sing a couple songs. I decided which songs on the spur of the moment."

Besides all the good wishes that you've gotten for your birthday: What wishes do you have still for yourself?

Nena: "That I can always view my life as calm, always find more peace within me. Everyday I'm always happy to wake up and am really completely thankful for it and find that goes without saying."

You are one of the most sucessful musicians in Germany, mother and grandmother. Haven't you already fulfilled so many of your dreams?

Nena: "One must always have dreams in their life. There's unfortunately no fairy that regulates with a magic wand. That's something one must do for themselves. And the things that I have dreamed of, I have transcribed."

Does it annoy you or please you when someone compares you to Madonna?

Nena: "Well, I understand the basic principle, that people make comparisons, because we're all somehow alike. There's really some individuals, and they bring their own information with them in this life, but we have similar habits. I don't think it's bad to point out comparisons, but I don't particularly like to do it. Something is always better in the other anyway - one always finds something. That is not necessary at all, because everyone is unique and has something beautiful to give."

As Mother, grandmother, and founder of a school, one must latterly ask for educational tips...

Nena: "I am not the life counselor here, because I really don't know how life functions. I hunt and experiment just like everyone else. I know for myself, which way I currently go, but am completely open for inspiration. People who meet me and henceforth move me to see something completely different. It's important to me in the commerce of children to respect and see things on their level - to give them room to enable them to develop freely."

Was there ever a moment in all your time on the scene that you wanted to plonk everything down?

Nena: "Yes, at any rate! As for stopping - well, several years of doing nothing more - I've thought of it again and again. What's important is that one allows oneself these moments, where simply nothing works anymore and one also has no confidence anymore and is full of doubts. Such phases belong absolutely to it, because I scoop power out of it. The gloomy moments are just as important as any in which people feel light and happy. That, I learned in the walk of my life."

Your tip for March 24, 2020: Will you also go on a 60-year-old tour?

Nena: "Who could know that? For now, I can say nothing else. So long as I'm having fun and comply, I would defintely do it. "
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The matter written on your blog really keeps tying the reader till the end. Very interesting use of phrases and idioms.


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